natalia rawley

Tinkertinker has been a local business for me in Battersea, selling to mothers just like me who want something practical and washable but smart and not too modern. 

I use a lot of Liberty print needle cord, corduroy and good durable materials in cotton and natural fibers. 

I like to explore material shops for tweeds, cords, brush cottons, linen and all sorts of treasures and many of the pieces may be five of a kind, or even 1 of a kind. 

The waistcoats are best sellers as they are wonderfully washable but smarten any outfit, they also keep children cosy with the woolly lining. 

My children tend to get very hot, so a waistcoat is ideal, as it doesn't have to be pulled on over the head, and is so easy to remove. 

The bloomers and trousers are eternal classics. 

Its a small range, but I'm adding to it all the time. 

It is all hand made in the UK, every stitch!